Quick n Healthy: Chicken Caesar Salad

This healthy dinner is my go to when I’m feeling lazy but still don’t want to eat junk. I’m working on giving up cheese and meat so I’ll have to remix this eventually. But for now this recipe is injected with Dr. Sebi Approved ingredients:

Thin sliced chicken breast (you can buy them pre-cut or cut them yourself)
Romaine lettuce chopped or precut
Sea salt
Onion powder
Dry cilantro
Fresh parmesan cheese (optional)
Grape Seed Oil (many people use olive oil but many people don’t realize it can become toxic on a cellular level when cooked! Same with coconut oil)
Frying pan
Favorite dressing

On medium heat, oil your frying pan with enough oil to coat the bottom. While the pan is heating up, season your chicken breasts with the salt, onion powder, and cilantro


Cook from 4-6 mins each side. Chop two or three slices of chicken into strips. Set aside.
Plate (or bowl) your romaine lettuce.
Sprinkle parm over.  Place chicken on top, add dressing, enjoy!
As an additional healthy injection you can add, chia, flax, or hemp seed into this salad!




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