“Ginger Heal” Drink


This is a fairly simple beverage with lots of benefits. Kind of a cross between ginger tea and ginger ale. It’s alkaline, vegan friendly and Dr. Sebi Approved. We’re avoiding the use of sugar which is a major plus. Many people don’t know sugar feeds cancer, and causes an acidic environment in the body which allows disease to manifest.
Ginger is one of the most healthy roots/spices on the planet, and contains gingerol (I didn’t make that up) which is known for it’s medicinal benefits.

It’s anti-inflammatory, which can aid osteoarthritis, and antioxidant.

Used to treat stomach ailments such as nausea and morning sickness

May reduce muscle pain and soreness.

May lower blood sugars, risk for heart disease and cholesterol.

Aids in indigestion.

Gingerol contains anti cancer properties.

May improve brain function/ reduce chance of Alzheimer’s.

Ingredients Needed

Paper towel or cheese cloth to strain
Colander or screen strainer
Medium pot or sauce pan
75 oz sparkling mineral water (I used S. Pellegrino)
Pitcher or airtight bottle to preserve the natural carbonation
Raw Agave (I used blue agave)
1 cup ginger washed and chopped, peeled if desired.


Slow simmer or
Boil ginger in 3 cups sparkling water. (Like making a tea)
Water should turn golden. the longer you boil, the more potent the concentrate.
Up to twenty minutes for a boil, simmering until your satisfied with the color, (a strong ginger smell indicates is ready!)


While that’s boiling or simmering, add the rest of the sparkling water, 1/4 cup agave into your pitcher.

When your ginger is ready, place your colander with paper towel or cheese cloth inside, over the pitcher. Slowly pour your ginger tea into the colander (careful it’s extremely hot!) Stir until liquid is all one color. Taste, add agave by 1/4 cup increments until you’re satisfied with the taste.
I used a total of one half cup agave, I didn’t want to go for super sweet.

Remove the paper towel from the colander, and rinse the ginger with cool water. Place your ginger slices in the tea, or leave them out, it’s your choice, they will continue to infuse with your drink if you keep them in. The ginger can be reused after the the drink is done, but will not be as potent as a fresh batch.

Chill or serve with ice or even drink it warm. The bubbles will go flat after a few hours unless it’s in an airtight bottle. It’s still enjoyable as a cold flat tea also.


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